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Rachelle Rowlings. A Stylish Mum’s Guide to Paddington

Fabulous outfits, glamorous locations and a smile that will light up your world in an instant. Instagram blogger, Rachelle Rowlings likes to tell it how it is in a refreshing narrative on the not-so-chic side of motherhood. Her witty, raw and honest comments about motherhood sit alongside beautifully executed photo shoots with son Roman, aka The Commander.  

Taking us around the streets of Paddington, a popular spot for her photo shoots, Rachelle talks about her favourite hangouts – with and without baby in tow.  

Q&A with Rachelle

Your Instagram posts are incredibly beautiful and stylish as well as honest about motherhood. Tell us about some of your favourite insta-moments with your son Roman.

The irony of my Instagram, and what I am always honest about, is that they are glossy photos that are anything but. Usually one or both of us is sweaty, over tired or having a tantrum. But I wanted to keep a part of myself (the fashion) while still being Roman's Mum.

Even with a toddler and being pregnant with baby number two you have maintained a very cool style. How has your wardrobe evolved since becoming a mum and what are your go-to outfits, especially during the last trimester?

When I first fell pregnant I was frustrated with the lack of maternity clothes that still felt like me. Luckily a lot of my go to brands were going through potato sack stages so I could squeeze my big belly and water retention ankles into them! My go to outfits with Roman in my last trimester were mainly my husband’s Lowes tracksuit pants, otherwise I lived in Bassike slouch pants and drawstring dresses! 

The five key pieces every busy mum needs in her wardrobe?

  • One decent tracksuit (Calvin Klein) so that you can be shabby chic. 
  • Bassike is a must for loose pants and tops to hide Mum belly and also for comfort. 
  • If you want a splurge, Ellery will always have a loose-fitting dress that will make you feel very fashionable and less frump.
  • At least one bra that doesn't have an underwire - Bonds have great maternity bras and are by far the most comfortable.
  • At least five plain white t-shirts. 

What are your go-to fashion boutiques for yourself and baby in the Eastern Suburbs?

For me, Ellery will always have my heart. But you can't go wrong on Glenmore Road. For Roman I'm a sucker for Country Road, good quality and cute outfits that are easy to get him in hastily! 

For Mother/Son time, where do you love to take Roman?

We stay indoors a lot so he doesn't try and eat discarded cigarette butts off the ground, but otherwise we love…

  • Centennial Park for exploring
  • Bondi Junction Westfield to tire him
  • Double Bay Library

What has surprised you most about motherhood and what do you wish you were told before becoming a Mum?

The love mainly. But also, the intense responsibility. It will change you in the best possible way and also drive you dangerously close to insanity. I was told everything I needed to know – I wish I listened. 

When in need of some ‘me time’, where are your top 5 go-to places to indulge in the Eastern Suburbs?

  • Ellery on Glenmore Road in Paddington
  • Jackies Café on Glenmore Road in Paddington
  • The Paddington Reservoir on Oxford Street, Paddington
  • Hotel Centennial in Woollahra
  • BeFit Gym in Double Bay 

The cafes/restaurants in the Eastern Suburbs that are a no-fail with kids?

Gusto in Paddington is always great because they can run around close by and generally other patrons will hawk at how cute they are and distract them while you finish your coffee.

Kid free girls weekend in Sydney, what's on your hit list?

  • A massage at the Park Hyatt followed by brunch while looking out over the opera house. 
  • A movie in gold class where I can sit in silence and won't have to share my food. 
  • Lunch at a very non-child friendly restaurant. 
  • A sleepover at Shangri-La.  

Best piece of advice you would give a new mum?

Be brave. And always ask for help. Not from google though, its evil. 


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