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A Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle with Caroline Høgh Groth

Moving to Bondi Beach from Denmark at the age of 20, Caroline Høgh Groth has since experienced incredible highs and lows that has redefined her life. Diagnosed with cancer at 22-years-old, Caroline was in the battle of her life. Today, Caroline’s down-to-earth, loving nature and realistic take on life has led her to be a leading health and wellness guru that Sydneysiders just can’t get enough of. We took timeout to chat with Caroline about keeping a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Q&A with Caroline Hogh Groth

You lead such a balanced and healthy lifestyle, what are your top three tips to starting fresh.

  1. Work on your mind. Everything originates from thought and habit patterns. If we really want to make a change, we must make a conscious choice and fight the little voice in our head that is telling us we cannot succeed. Meditation and mindfulness along with being kind and loving to yourself is the key.
  2. Pick an exercise you love. Find something that challenges you both physically and mentally. The reason why we fall flat when having to exercise is because we pick something that a magazine or influencer tells us we ‘should be doing’. No one should do anything they don’t like, not even if it burns 1500 calories an hour.
  3. It takes time. I have been on a journey of finding a balance between healthy and mindful for many, many years now. These changes don’t happen overnight – you have to persevere. It will be crinkly, windy and sometimes hard, but the reward to living a balanced, healthy and, for me, spiritually and mindful life, far exceeds the hardship there is to go through.

When you are either too tired or too busy to prepare your food, where is your local go-to for quality, healthy and wholesome food?

I have done THR1VE quite a few times now. I love it! I know that the ingredients are sourced ethically and are of the highest quality, let alone their nutritional levels of the meals are outstanding. Otherwise, I eat breakfast at my local coffee-shop, Cali Press, where I have avocado smash on gluten-free and my almond latte.

Where would you recommend shopping for the freshest produce in Bondi?

I do most of my week-day shopping at Harris Farm. I buy for two days as I want my produce as fresh as possible. On Saturday’s I go to my local farmers market here in Bondi to pick up veggies and fresh flowers. I pick up most of my special items like gluten-free bread, supplements and pantry-ingredients at About Life.

We love all your food posts on Instagram – some of the best salads we have ever seen! Where are your favourite spots to eat?

Lox Stock & Barrel on Glenayr Avenue in Bondi Beach makes some of the raddest salads. They’re fresh and different! I can’t go past a Tokyo Classic with Tofu salad from Banana Blossom on Jacques Avenue and Porch & Parlour’s salad’s with a side-serve of crispy ocean trout is just to die for on a hot day!

Everyone indulges sometimes, what is your weakness?

Chocolate! I love it, and need it. Every. Single. Day. It runs in my veins. My mum is a huge sweets-lover.

How and when did you get into yoga?

When I was recovering from cancer, I found myself not being able to do what every other young person would do my age and so this is when I started getting into yoga and light stretches. I would find content online about this ancient practice, I did whatever I could understand and do at home in the comfort of my own four walls, when everyone else was out and about, especially on the weekends.

Soon, by practicing yoga and mindfulness and really coming to understand and feeling every part of my body whilst being on my mat, I would develop a profound love for this practice that has, and continues to help me in every aspect of life.

Where is your favourite spot to relax and practice yoga?

I have my sweet, little spot down on ‘the drain’ at South Bondi. It’s incredibly magical. To the eye, it may seem bare and like any other place, but spend a few hours down there and you will come to understand and feel the energies of the sun, water, waves and people all practicing their beliefs in that spot. It’s unlike anything you will ever experience.

Other than yoga, are there any other types of exercise you like to do?

I love to incorporate most type of exercises. I’m with ClassPass so I’m lucky to be able to jump a fair bit around and keep my mind and body guessing and intrigued. My favourite spots are with Agoga on Bondi Road for a HIIT session or  Lean Bean Fitness for a full body, high-intensity Barre session.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

LOVE! My life (especially the past few years) evolves around the practice of love, joy and peace. And when I say love, I don’t mean loving another human being, but feeling the love that we were born from and always reside within ourselves. Nothing of possession, materialistic matter or human being can make us feel loved – this is something we are responsible for ourselves. However, when you start to understand and live this practice, it’s a beautiful thing being able to extend this love to another human being you want to share the special moments in life with.

Complete this sentence. The first thing I do when I get home is…

Put music on and take off my clothes.. Sorry, I like to be free!


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