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Where to Purchase Your Live Tree This Christmas

The charm of the Christmas tree is undeniable and there is no quenching the joy that these prickly wonders ignite in us each December. The great news, the coveted triangular-shaped trees are no longer difficult to find, with growers throughout Sydney putting in the hard yards in the months leading up to December.

While many Christmas tree farms sit comfortably along the city’s rural fringes, online ordering and delivery services make the process a breeze regardless of your schedule. To help you out a little, we’ve compiled our top picks for buying, erecting and caring for your tree throughout the silly season.

Christmas Tree Man

Based in the Southern Highlands, the ‘Paddy’s River’ property has been growing Christmas trees for over 30 years. Available through an online ordering system, trees cost between $135 and $210 depending on the size with delivery included.

TIP:  Keep your tree away from sources of heat including lamps, heaters, televisions and sunlit windows as these tend to speed up the process of evaporation causing the needles to wilt from moisture loss.

Dural Christmas Tree Farm

The Dural Christmas Tree Farm has been providing the area with lush pines for 15 years and for lovers of a white Christmas, the farm offers a snow flocking service – a non-toxic spray that gives your tree a snow-laden effect. The Hills District farm has reservation, online ordering and delivery services for those who don’t have the time (or desire) to head out and lop a tree themselves. If you’re keen to check out the trees without the drive, the farm organises three pop-ups during December at the Eveleigh Farmers’ Market.

TIP: There are a couple of things you can do to help your tree last in the stifling Australian heat. Dural Christmas Tree Farm advises that sawing 2cm off the trunk of your tree immediately prior to placing it in its bucket will help with water absorption for fresh, lush needles throughout December.

879 Old Northern Road, Dural

Triple A Christmas Trees

Triple A has been growing pines since 1995 and has thousands of trees for you to peruse and reserve in the months leading up to Christmas. The wrapping service is also a huge plus - both for protection while in transit to its new home and to try and contain the needles from getting into every crevice in your car.

TIP: If you aren’t so thrilled by the idea of finding pine needles in your car throughout January, securing the tree to your car roof is simple and tidy. Lay the tree stump-forward on the car roof and fasten from the trunk to the roof racks with ratchet straps, they are (arguably) much more reliable than that one knot you think you remember from Brownies/Scouts.

2215 The Northern Road, Luddenham

Oxfam Christmas Trees

For the dedicated activist, a Christmas tree through Oxfam is the perfect option for the festive season. Order online and Oxfam will deliver the tree to your door free of charge – a freshly cut pine while bringing about positive change for people in poverty. Now that’s the Christmas Spirit.

TIP: Pine trees guzzle water. You need to pay attention to the water level every day and keep it full and fresh for happy and lush foliage. Keep a jug (with a defined lip for easy pouring) by the front door as a reminder to top it up each morning.

Kemps Creek Christmas Tree Farm

If you are in the market for a sizeable live tree (6-10 foot) you know just how tricky they can be to find. Kemps Creek Christmas Tree Farm ensures that each year there are plenty of enormous trees available to be reserved in the months leading up to December. The lovely helpers will also do all the chopping and heavy lifting for you, very much suiting those of us who aren’t proficient woodchoppers.

TIP:It took a couple of tree collapses and ornament destruction of monumental proportions for this author’s family to begin securing trees properly. While it may be tempting to trust the tree stand and the corner of a room as sufficient stabilisers – it takes just one gust of wind for the entire thing to come crashing down. Using twine, strong string or rope (if need be) fasten your tree to nearby handles or railings so that no breeze (or inquisitive toddlers) can knock it over.

105 Cross Street, Kemps Creek

Tomalong Christmas Tree Farm

A lovely family run farm in the heart of Kenthurst is a charming place to visit in the lead up to Christmas. With paddocks brimming with green pines and a flat rate of $65 per tree, pay the Thomas family a visit and select your perfect tree.

TIP:If you plan on standing your tree on a carpeted floor, make sure to lay some plastic beneath the bucket to avoid any sap or water stains forming.

‘Tomalong’ 96 Pitt Town Road, Kenthurst

Top Shape Live Christmas Trees

Just down the road from Triple A, the impressively angular trees at Top Shape look after all their visitors with refreshing drinks and tree wrapping on offer. Set the kids loose in the tree paddocks to choose the perfect pine and all the hard work is done. 

TIP: Once the Christmas period is over and you’re ready to part with your tree, most councils across the country will collect Christmas trees for mulching and compost. Otherwise, notify your council that you need an extra green pickup and they should take it off your hands.

2450 The Northern Road, Luddenham

Willy’s Christmas Tree Farm

Located in Box Hill in Sydney’s northwest, Willy’s Christmas Tree Farm boast around 20,000 trees growing at any one time, and owners Will and John have pioneered the ‘drive through tree farm.’ Will and John recommend that you invest in a sturdy tree stand that allows water to freely flow into the base of the tree, as the base of buckets can often cut off water supply.

TIP: When choosing a tree to cut down, make sure to look out for brown or brittle needles. This is an indication of an unhealthy tree and it may not last the distance when transported to your home.

281 Windsor Road, Vineyard

Merlino’s Christmas Trees

Pine trees grown on farms in Oberon NSW are cut and delivered into the Inner West’s suburb of Wareemba for delivery to homes throughout Sydney. Merlino’s offer a free delivery service for residents of Wareemba, Abbotsford, Chiswick, Drummoyne, Russell Lea and Five Dock.

TIP: For those who battle a little with getting decorations and Christmas lights up on the tree in an even, balanced way, this DIY tool will soon be your best friend: cut the hook of a wire coathanger from its body, duct-tape the hook to the top of a 3 foot PVC pipe and voila. With the hook directed up, you can easily lift your Christmas lights to the highest tree branches without teetering on the edge of a step ladder.

260 Great North Road, Wareemba


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