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Food Culture: Your Guide to Western Sydney Foodie Hotspots

Unassuming and under the radar, these Western Sydney eateries are locally legendary for their incredible cuisine.

Vinh Phat

Australia, as a whole, is a diverse and multicultural nation and Western Sydney is a glorious reflection of this melting pot. Western Sydney hubs for migrant communities have helped create epic foodie hotspots from Harris Park to Parramatta and Cabramatta.

Unassuming and under the radar, word of mouth has been responsible for making these eateries famous. Hole-in-the-wall cult classics with modest and self-effacing interiors, these places are serving up some of the most flavoursome food in Western Sydney.

Check out our edit of the best Western Sydney Foodie hotspots and get ready to experience Singaporean, Malay, Vietnamese, Indian, Afghan, Italian and Ethopian cuisines like you never have before. 

Western Sydney Foodie Hotspot: Parramatta

Western Sydney is a multicultural melting pot, home to many people from all corners of the globe. As the biggest city in Western Sydney, you’d rightly expect Parramatta to be the multicultural smorgasbord that it is. In this foodie hotspot, you can expect a range of cuisines from Singaporean-Malay and Indonesian, to Vietnamese and Middle Eastern. 

Temasek via @thebrokeduo

Having opened their doors almost 30 years ago, Temasek has become legendary in the Western Sydney food world. This family-run restaurant has become a cult classic known for serving up Singaporean-Malay dishes which reflect the neighbourhood's pan-Asian influence. Temasek is known for their excellent Indonesian nasi goreng, Hainanese chicken rice and a show-stopping Singaporean-style laksa.

71 George Street, Parramatta

Pho Pasteur via @phopasteurchurchst
Pho Pasteur

A true pho is unfakeable and, short of travelling to Vietnam, Pho Pasteur is the best authentic Pho you can find in Sydney. Mr and Mrs Pham arrived in Parramatta as refugees in the early 90s and are responsible for serving up the phenomenal pho at this Western Sydney restaurant. An ode to their Southern Vietnamese heritage, the iconic dish is loaded up with herbs, spices and tender beef but can be made vegan with a few simple substitutions.

137 Church Street, Parramatta

Western Sydney Foodie Hotspot: Harris Park

Harris Park in Western Sydney is a hotspot for New South Wales’ Indian population and so it’s no surprise that Harris Park is home to some of the best Indian food in the state. As you walk down Wigram Street, you’re hit with a sensory overload of sights, sounds and smells. Follow your heart and your stomach to some of Sydney’s best curries, dosas and jalebi.

Chatkazz via @thegingerteapot

When it comes to South Indian comfort food, you can’t look past Chatkazz. Laidback but locally-legendary, this neighbourhood eatery is the spot in Western Sydney for Medu Vada Sambhar, deep-fried black lentil doughnuts infused with fragrant herbs and spices. Chatkazz serves these incredibly moreish morsels with a trio of savoury soups and chutneys. Although we could fill up on these doughnuts alone, Chatkazz is also known for their vegan and vegetarian food from pani puri and inconceivably thin dosas.

Unit 4, 14-20 Station Street East, Harris Park

Hyderabad House
Hyderabad House

Every city in India is known for a specialty dish and, in Hyderabad, that's biryani. A slow-cooked meat and rice dish, the biryani at this Indian restaurant is overwhelmingly fragrant and flavoursome. If you’re looking to try more Hyderabadi dishes by way of Western Sydney, we recommend the haleem, a slow-cooked stew of lamb, lentils and wheat or the controversial named fried chicken dish, Chicken 65.

73 Wigram Street, Harris Park

Western Sydney Foodie Hotspot: Cabramatta

Sydney’s Vietnamese population which has only been growing since the 1980s, has always called Western Sydney but, more specifically, Cabramatta home.

Vinh Phat
Vinh Phat

Not quite a Vietnamese spot but definitely a Cabramatta mainstay, Vinh Phat has been serving up some of the finest yum cha in Western Sydney since 1985. Known for their Cantonese-style yum cha this is the perfect place to go all in and commit to eating your weight in dumplings, pork buns and chicken feet.

10 - 12 Hughes Street, Cabramatta

An Nhien Vegetarian Cuisine
An Nhien Vegetarian Cuisine

Responsible for not only some of the best Vietnamese food, An Nhien is known to serve up some of the best meat-free food in Western Sydney. Although it’s advertised as vegetarian, the menu manages to be almost entirely vegan without compromising on flavour. Our recommendations would be to start with the generous Peking wraps and eggplant claypot, before moving onto the extensive range of congee and vermicelli dishes. 

21/180 Railway Parade, Cabramatta

Western Sydney Foodie Hotspot: Auburn

The rich cultural fabric of Auburn has made it a hub for Middle Eastern cultures and cuisines. Arriving in Auburn, you can expect kebabs, kofta, baklava, seriously strong Turkish coffee and a heavy helping of rosewater. 

Khaybar Restaurant
Khaybar Restaurant

Serving up authentic Afghan cuisine that attempts to honour the long migrant history between Australia and Afghanistan, Khaybar is widely considered the best Afghan restaurant in Western Sydney. Along with the standard kabobs and koftas, their Buranee-Badenjan is a true standout. From just $7, this traditional regional dish is made up of slow-cooked eggplant in a chunky tomato sauce, topped with mint and yoghurt. It’s all but guaranteed to have you coming back for more. 

64 Auburn Road, Auburn

Western Sydney Foodie Hotspot: Baulkham Hills

Like a lot of Western Sydney, Baulkham Hills was once known as a beacon for Italian culture. The legacy of Italian cuisine in Sydney has always been strongly felt and reflected in our food culture. While Leichhardt might now be considered the Italian foodie capital, Baulkham Hills is still home to some amazing Italian restaurants.


Sleek, minimalist and with a tremendously theatrical open kitchen, Sarino’s is bringing Calabrian cuisine to Baulkham Hills. Chef Joe Cavallo plays into the Calabrian love for cheese with dishes like the three-cheese ravioli served with pistachio, sage and burnt butter. With a 200 strong wine list and an on-site craft distillery that makes almond liqueur and limoncello, Sarino’s is the perfect place for a top-of-the-line tipple.

36 Brookhollow Avenue, Baulkham Hills

Western Sydney Foodie Hotspot: Blacktown

Blacktown is perhaps the most diverse suburb in the already diverse Western Sydney. With residents from over 140 countries, Blacktown is inherently international. Although the fabric of Blacktown is constantly changing, the influence of their African and Indian immigrants on the suburb’s food culture is keenly felt. 

Gursha Restaurant

Gursha, an injera restaurant, is Western Sydney’s go-to spot for authentic Ethopian cuisine. A traditional flatbread that’s used as a plate, injera could best be compared to a crepe plate upon which meat, stews and cheese are heaped. Not only does injera function as an edible plate that soaks up the flavours of the meal, but it is also the only form of cutlery. Diners tear off a piece and use it to grab onto a tasty morsel. Their injera platter with shiro, a garlic, split-pea stew and misir wat, a spicy red-lentil stew is, in our mind, the perfect vegetarian meal.

3/115 Main Street, Blacktown

Once you’ve eaten your way through the culturally rich and divinely diverse Western Sydney, you can continue to explore the area by checking out local arts scenes, bars or even the expansive Western Sydney Parklands.

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