Smack Bang Designs’ 9 Must Reads This Summer

You know it’s summer when your car smells like a fusion of coconut sunscreen and off mango skins that perish below your seat. The mozzies make you realise for the fifth year in a row that your fly screens still need fixing, and almost every time you look down you’ve got an alcoholic drink of some kind in your hand - who put that there?

It’s also at this time of year that most of us give our working selves the middle finger flick and leave the stress in the rear vision mirror – hitting the dust to enjoy a sweaty, sunshine filled summer holiday. I don’t know about you but this is my favourite time of year. All of my best memories come from these long road trips, late nights and early sunrises, usually spent at the beach, sand in all the right (and wrong) places. The only thing I pack for these trips is generally a bikini, my Kelpie and as many good books as I can fit into my bag.

Below are the books that would be making an appearance in my bag, if I hadn’t already devoured them like a Frosty Fruit on a December’s day. Oh, and some of the these I wouldn’t pack because they are coffee table books and are most likely too big and too glorious to chuck in a bag, that will inevitably fill with sand and greasy sunscreen. So, as it stands, my bag is empty, but this list is full.

Scandinavia Dreaming, Gestalten.

It’s no secret that us Smack Bangers are total suckers for everything Nordic. And when I say everything, I mean errythang. This book is one for the coffee table, particularly so when you’ve got those uber trendy friends of yours coming over and you want to look simultaneously stylish and distant from the likes of an Ikea shopper as possible.

Not Just Lucky, Jamila Rizvi

Every time someone congratulates me on the success of Smack Bang I always reply with something like, ‘I just got lucky,’or ‘I have an amazing team’. I do whatever I can to shrug away from the idea that I could possibly have had something to do with it. Me? Of course not, purely luck or some other factor I can thank the universe for. Well, that was until I read this book. If you’re a working woman in the modern age, you need to get your hands on this book. It is pure gold, silver and bronze all combined.

Women, Slim Aarons

As a long-time lover of mid-century everything, this book ticks all my boxes. Women is the ultimate coffee table book. Kick back and you’ll instantly be transported to a poolside life of glamour and Mad Men references. I’m desperate to get each and every one of these photos framed on my wall.

JamaisVu, Mirage Magazine

As complete design junkies, this book is like pure crack to us. The layout, the type, the whole shebang gets us hotter under the collar than Johnny Depp circa 2001 (that luscious skin in Blow). To be honest, we actually haven’t technically read much of this book, more just held it in our hands and stroked each page with the caress that only the most romantic lover receives.

Shoe Dog, Phil Knight

The incredible story and rollercoaster ride of how Nike came to be one of the most successful brands in the world. Knight tells the story of the often tortuous journey to success with grit, grace and so much humour. Every page holds a lesson for perseverance, passion and stickability (is that a word?). Put simply, this book is bloody great and I am now Phil’s number one fan.

The Beauty Chef Cookbook, Carla Oates

Everything Carla Oates puts her hands to is utterly beautiful. Including her own face. She is the goddess of beauty, just ask anyone. This cookbook is both stunning and mouth-watering. And what’s more, the recipes are legit tasty, not like most of those healthy everything-free books that look amazing in the photos, but actually just taste like your boyfriend’s shoe after he’s been hiking through long grass and dusty dunes.

Holiday, Henrik Purienne

Sometimes you just need to look at really beautiful, really attractive women for a good few minutes. Purienne is just the man for that. As an incredible photographer and storyteller, Purienne is the man behind many coveted campaigns that have filled our screens with beautiful curves and our minds with jealousy, I mean, those girls really are next level. Holiday is not only a beautiful book, but a great motivator for exercise.

The Entrepreneur, Kinfolk

It’s true, Kinfolk can do no wrong. And The Entrepreneur is yet another reminder of this. The book takes us on a journey into the meaningful work and busy lives of 40 entrepreneurs from all around the world. All captured with the signature, classy AF style that none other than Kinfolk can pull off.

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck, Sarah Knight

I’m a big fan of the sorry not sorry movement and do my best to not give too many fucks on any given day. That’s probably why I loved this brilliant, witty and ridiculously straight-up set of rules and advice to help you clear your mental clutter and stop caring so much about what other people think of you.


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