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Fashion guru, artist and all-round style maven, Tash Sefton is a woman who knows how to nail a trend. But it’s not just the fashion world Tash is taking by storm; the revered stylist has turned her talents to interiors in recent years, to add to her mounting accolades. 

Now famously known as one half of Sefton Segedin – a painting collection founded with her sister Hayley – the sartorial superstar is now a major player in the art world too. 

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Offering a unique, affordable collection of bespoke artworks and handmade ceramics, Tash and Hayley's illustrated prints are abstract and minimalist in design, created with the idea in mind that everyone should have access to beautiful artwork in their home. 

We sat down with the creative entrepreneur to talk style, art and interiors, and to get a sneak peek inside her stylish home. 

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Your style in three words?

Homey, warm, happy. (Plus, I like everything clean). 

How did Sefton Segedin start?

After moving into a new family home with very high ceilings, I asked Hayley to come over and help me paint a few large canvases to break up the white walls. People started to notice them in the background of my pictures and enquiries started to flood in. 

As a result, we created an Instagram account to showcase our work. We quickly realised there was a gap in the market for simple, yet affordable, original art. And so, Sefton Segedin was born. 

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How do you get the creative juices flowing?

I still find Instagram a great source of inspiration. I have about five people that are always evolving and doing new things I like to look at. 

  1.  @mygeneral_store 
  2.  @thefashionguitar 
  3.  @yasminsewell 
  4.  @stylesightworldwide
  5.  @thedesignfiles 

I also use Pinterest a lot, especially for interiors inspo. And of course, I splurge on my favourite Australian and international magazines each month. My go-tos are Harpers (UK and Aus), Elle (US and Aus) and Vogue Paris. My mum gets pretty much every interior magazine – I find myself flicking through all of them every time I visit. 

Favourite room in your home? 

I love the master bedroom as my wardrobe is in there. I love my collection of clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories. It’s like a story of my life all in one spot.

But, I also love my office/studio. I work in this space, make a huge mess, work at the desk or on the floor, and my kids can be doing their homework next to me as I work. It’s so nice to be able to work from home in a separate part from our living area. 

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One thing your home should never be without?

Lots of natural light.

Most indulgent purchase?

My handbag collection and our bed (who knew beds cost so much?!).

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Go-to homeware stores?

I have a rule that whenever I travel, I buy a book/cookbook or something for the house. Something to remind me of where I have been, and the different cultures I’ve explored.

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I love Ikea!!! And I mix it with more expensive items from Mark Tuckey or Space Furniture


It’s a similar concept to how I dress – H&M with Hermes. My style is simple – denim with classics and a little fun thrown in. My home is the same. I like to show my personality with accessories – so I guess I do that at home too.


"I think mixing high street with a few treasured pieces is key to becoming a conscious consumer. I think less is more, and classics with a twist."

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Art rules 101

I am forever pottering in my home – moving things around, changing frame colours, adding and removing bits and pieces. Home styling depends on my mood. Sometimes I want everything minimal, and then other times I want to layer things.

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I love a wall filled with art, but at the same time I love the simplicity of one solitary piece too.

I like to mix my classic (more expensive) art with my kids’ drawings and treasures I’ve found along the way – so the result is more of an eclectic mix. I don’t have a rule of what’s right or wrong, because the beauty with art is that you can always change things around.

Favourite piece in your collection?

Our most popular is “The Kiss” collection. We often personalise the prints for weddings or anniversaries. We know the meaning behind each one, which makes them so special. It’s amazing how a simple line can evoke such emotion.


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