How to Become a Savvy Shopper in 12 Simple Steps

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We’ve partnered with American Express to bring you some savvy shopping tips and tricks, guaranteed to save you money on your next shopping spree. 

Whether you’re a shopaholic or an impulsive buyer, it’s always good to have a few money saving tips and tricks stored up your sleeve to help minimise the damage. Sticking to a set budget can be hard when you’re in the mood to splash the cash, so we’ve pulled together 12 genius ways to ensure that on your next shopping spree you get more bang for your buck. 

1. Shop around 

It’s easy to fall instantly in love with a gorgeous designer handbag or lust over the latest smartphone, but if you’re looking to save a little money, it’s best to shop around. Don’t buy the first thing you see – you can probably find exactly the same product for less, you just have to be prepared to do a little rummaging. Shop in different stores and do some research online so you can find the best price possible. 

2. Stick to your budget  

One of the golden rules of savvy shopping is making sure that you only spend what you can afford. When you’re on a shopping spree, it’s all too easy to splurge on items you don’t necessarily need. So, make sure you have a clear idea in your mind of exactly how much you can spend, and be realistic – don’t go over your budget. Then there won’t be any nasty surprises when you get home and check your bank balance. 

3. Make a list

Make a list of all the things you want and need and stick to it.  That way you’ll only spend money on the things you were out shopping for in the first place.

4. Sign up to loyalty programs

Most brands and stores offer loyalty programs, so you can earn points while you shop. Make sure you’re signed up to your favourite brands so you can earn points on your upcoming purchases. Depending on what the rewards are, you can get exclusive discounts and even free loyalty purchases.

5. Get a credit card with benefits 

Sign up to a credit card that gives you reward points as you spend. There are usually great offers for new sign ups, so you can start building up your points and redeem them quicker than you think. American Express has some great deals for new members. Take a look at some of their offers here.

6. Follow your favourite brands 

Keep up-to-date with your favourite brands by signing up to their newsletters and social media platforms. They’ll usually keep their followers updated with their latest offers and new releases, so you’ll be the first in-the-know about all their latest offerings. And more often than not they’ll give you a discount on your first purchase when you sign up. 

7. Bargain versus investment 

Everyone loves a bargain but to become a savvy shopper, you need to think about your ROI. Ask yourself: will this item last you for years to come? If not, it might actually save you money in the long run if you invest in a quality, more expensive item that will last. 

Maxx Miller, Unsplash
8. Shop out of season 

Skilled shoppers will know all too well that shopping in season is the most expensive time to buy. If you’re not too fussed about current trends, you’ll bag yourself a bargain for shopping out of season. Stock up on your winter wardrobe in summer (and vice versa) and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. 

9. Consider commitment purchases 

Be careful with subscriptions – only commit to an ongoing purchase if you are certain you’ll be able to afford the regular repayments. 

10. Wait 24 hours 

When you see something you love, the instant reaction is to buy it immediately. Impulse purchases, however exciting they are at the time, have danger written all them. Give yourself a 24-hour window and if you’re still fantasising about that Hermes cuff, then go and buy it. Often enough, you’ll forget about it. Remember shops are designed to take your money, and it’s easy to get caught up in the moment (especially when something’s on sale). 

11. Order with a friend 

Many stores and brands will offer a discount or free delivery if you spend over a certain amount. Team up with a friend so you can bulk order and save money on shipping costs. 

12. Shop the sales

Stock up on items that you love when they’re on sale. But remember not to go too overboard – sales encourage you to shop, and often you can spend more without even realising.


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