The Best TV Shows Worth Bingeing

Wave goodbye to your social lives with our list of the best TV shows you need to watch

Looking for a new series to stream? Squander away your weekends with nail-biting thrillers, 90s TV sitcoms and comedy classics. We’ve pulled together a binge-worthy edit of must-see TV shows, all available to stream now. So clear your calendar, make space on your sofa and get ready to wave goodbye to your social lives; these are the best TV shows worth staying in for...



The OA

Wonderfully weird and creepy to the max, The OA’s supernatural masterpiece will have you instantly transfixed. Britt Marling stars as a dimension-hopping angel with supernatural powers in a gripping, bizarre story that’s shrouded in mystery. Part romance, part mystery, part thriller with a sprinkling of sci-fi fantasy, this beautifully created, strangely harrowing tale, will leave you wide-eyed and reeling for more. 

Seasons 1 & 2 available on Netflix


A collection of interviews with some of America’s most notorious serial killers, FBI agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) discover what drives these men to murder, without ever revealing the graphic depictions of the crimes they commit. 

Seasons 1 & 2 on  Netflix

Dead to Me

Starring Christina Applegate and Linda Caredellini, this darkly humorous comedy is about two women thrown together in the face of grief. Having lost her husband in a tragic hit-and-run accident, Jen, a sardonic widow is left grieving, yet determined to solve the crime. Her efforts are thwarted however, when she meets a free-spirited, slightly kooky Judy, at a bereavement support group, and the two become unlikely friends. But their friendship quickly takes a sinister turn, as a dark secret attempts to come between them. 

Season 1 available on Netflix

Big Little Lies

Based on Liane Moriarty’s bestselling book, this dark thriller starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley, tells the tale of three doting mothers whose seemingly perfect lives unravel to the point of murder. The last series was left on a colossal cliffhanger, with the demise of Celeste’s abusive husband. But now, in series two, the uber talented Meryl Streep steps in as Perry’s mother, who takes it into her own hands to investigate her son’s untimely death.

Season 1 & 2 available on  Foxtel Now


A political thriller packed with suspense, conspiracy theories and endless twists and turns. Claire Danes gives a stellar performance as Carrie Mathison, an erratic, paranoid C.I.A. officer suffering with bipolar disorder, who single-handedly uncovers a terrorist threat that’s planned on American soils. But the brains behind the operation all point towards a marine war hero, Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis), who returns to America after spending eight years in captivity. 

During the seven seasons the story – or multiple stories – develops brilliantly, reinventing itself over and over again. With the eighth and final series looming (it’s due to air towards the end of the year), there’s every reason to dive back in an indulge. 

All seasons available on Amazon Prime or seasons 4-7 available on  Netflix

Stranger Things

A cult classic with a giant scoop of ‘80s nostalgia, Stranger Things is a teenage sci-fi and ‘80s music lover’s dream. The latest series takes an even darker twist – anyone yet to watch is in for a real treat – which sees the screaming demagorgan return from the Upside Down, and this time, he’s even angrier. True to form, the gang form a Goonies-style alliance in a bid to take him down, but they discover this time, it’s not just a supernatural force they’re fighting. Because going head-to-head with a giant body-snatching monster wasn’t hard enough on its own. 

Stranger Things, series 1, 2 & 3 available on  Netflix

City on a Hill

Produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, this fictional account of the “Boston Miracle” is centered around an African-American District Attorney based in Brooklyn, who forms a surprising alliance with a hardened Boston FBI veteran, as the two fight for change in the city’s criminal justice system.

Season 1 available on Stan 


In this deeply twisted yet blackly funny re-imagining of the Hannibal Lecter tales, Hannibal (played by Mads Mikkelsen) is instead, a much younger and suaver version of himself. He still has a fondness for murder and cannibalism, but he generally manages to pin his crimes on other people. Or he just eats them. He’s so convincing that even criminal investigator Will Graham falls under his charm. He invites the gifted shrink to assist him in his criminal investigations, but it becomes slowly apparent that Lecter’s brilliant mind has gone over to the dark side. 

Seasons 1-3, available on  Stan

The Handmaid’s Tale

Based on Margaret Atwood’s 1986 best-selling feminist book, The Handmaid’s Tale is a dystopian story that details a near-future totalitarian America, where women are forced to live as concubines under a fundamentalist theocratic dictatorship. It’s a hard watch – gruesome in fact – but the story is such a thought-provoking masterpiece, with an impeccable performance from Elisabeth Moss, you’ll be completely transfixed with every episode. 

Season 1-4 available on SBS On Demand 


In this utterly absorbing British crime drama starring Richard Madden (Robb Stark, Game of Thrones) and Keeley Hawes, an Afghanistan war veteran finds work as a police sergeant with the London Metropolitan Police. After preventing a terrorist attack, he’s assigned to protect a politician who was a main proponent of the very conflict he fought in. But things get complicated when they become romantically involved. 

Available on Netflix 


A sci-fi Western featuring robot cowboys. Ok, we have to admit, this does sound a little far-fetched. But believe us, after the first ten minutes of the first episode you’ll be absolutely obsessed. In this HBO reboot of Michael Crichton’s 1973 movie, Westworld is a depraved theme park populated by life-like androids, where humans can come to live out their wild west fantasies – in short, either having sex with, or killing them. Or both. 

But the complex technology the robots, or “hosts” are created with starts to backfire on the developers, and the nuanced emotions, gestures and backstories they’re constantly exposed to, start to resonate. They remember the horrors they’ve witnessed, and they start to revolt in terrifying unison. 

Season 1-3 available on  Amazon Prime


In this fast-paced sci-fi drama starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, two strangers connect during a mind-altering pharmaceutical trial that claims to permanently cure them of their mental-health issues. But strangely, the bond between the pair develops during the trial in the corners of their subconscious, while uncovering the traumas they were both desperately trying to bury. 

Teetering precariously between reality and fantasy, Annie Landsberg and Owen Milgram find themselves spiraling uncontrollably from one world to the next, all at the hands of a doctor with serious mother issues and an emotional complex computer. 

Available on Netflix 

Mr. Robot

Tense cyber-thriller starring Rami Malek who plays Elliot, a paranoid asocial programmer who works as an info-security engineer by day, and a vigilante hacker by night. He finds himself at a crossroads when the leader of a mysterious underground hacker group (Christian Slater) recruits him to destroy the mega-conglomerate he’s paid to protect. Mind-bendingly addictive and full of dark, sinister twists, Mr. Robot is the ultimate weekend binge-fest. 

Seasons 1-3 available on Amazon Prime 

The Sinner

This psychological thriller will have you gripped from the get-go. Jessica Biel plays a normal, slightly dissatisfied woman who takes her young son to the beach with her partner. Then out of nowhere, she is taken over by an overwhelming desire to attack a man set next to her. She doesn’t know him, but she stabs the man to death, and in the wake of his murder, the detective investigating the incident starts to uncover mysterious truths that lead to a chilling conspiracy. Season two (which adopts a completely new storyline) is equally as compelling, if you can brave it. 

Seasons 1 & 2 available on  Netflix




Fleabag is the critically acclaimed and multi-award winning masterpiece from playwright and actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Following the life of a quick-witted, aggressive, overtly sexual, grief-stricken woman living in modern London, the audience sees the way she navigates everything that life throws at her; warts and all. Poignant yet undeniably funny, you will get hooked from episode one.

Seasons 1 & 2 on Amazon Prime

The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel

Meet Midge Maisel, a glamourous Upper West Side housewife. A loving mother to two gorgeous children, Mrs Maisel has the picture-perfect 1950's life... until Penny Pann arrives. Cue her whole world crumbling and a subsequent mental breakdown (paired with a late-night drunken escapade) to kickstart her new life as a stand-up comic. 

Seasons 1-3 on Amazon Prime

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Follow the mishaps and minor successes of brilliant but immature detective Jake Peralta, played by SNL Alum Andy Samberg,  and his ragtag Brooklyn detective squad, as they bag baddies and cause trouble of their own.

Seasons 1-6 on Netflix

Derry Girls

Derry Girls is a quirky British sitcom about the trials and tribulations of a group of high school-aged girls (and one guy) living in 1990's Northern Island. Expect mischief, teenage angst and very thick accents.

Seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix

FX Network
What We Do In The Shadows

A spin-off to Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s comical mockumentary, What We Do In The Shadows, which followed a bunch of modern day vampires living in a share house. This TV adaptation brings a new vampire clan and hilarious set of supernatural mishaps into the mix.

Season 1 available on  Foxtel Now

Channel 4

Mighty Boosh and Peep Show fans, prepare to rejoice. Julian Barratt and Oscar-winning Olivia Coleman combine forces – believe us, this comedic coupling is a force to be reckoned with – in this delightfully humorous, dark British comedy that follows a depressed children’s author and his eccentric, dysfunctional family. 

Touching on mental health, trauma, marriage and relationships, this unique series deals with the bittersweet (and often painful) reality of life in all its complexities, yet with a touching sense of humour that’s unwaveringly honest, uncomfortably funny and wonderfully surreal. 

Series 1 & 2 available on Netflix 

Kath & Kim

Brilliantly funny, this satirical Aussie comedy follows mother and daughter duo Kath and Kim, a.k.a. the foxy ladies of Fountain Lake. While Kath gets the preparations underway for her wedding to Kel Knight, purveyor of fine meats, her vapid daughter Kim moves home and throws a giant spanner in the works. A guaranteed laugh-a-minute with plenty of ill-fitting lycra and shell suit faux pas to keep you entertained. Just be sure to re-stock the chardonnay. 

Seasons 1-6 available on Netflix 

After Life

A witty and earnest depiction of life, love and death, Ricky Gervais’ poignant comedy tells the tale of Tony Johnston, a cynical journalist struggling to come to terms with his wife Lisa’s untimely death. In the wake of her passing, Tony decides his life isn’t worth living without her. But after a failed suicide attempt, he decides, instead, to punish the world around him by saying and doing whatever he wants. 

But despite his rather humorous attempts to insult everyone he comes into contact with, his friends, family (and even a few strangers on the street), he discovers the world isn’t as cruel as he once thought, and discovers glimmers of hope in the light of his heartbreak. Heartfelt yet incredibly funny, After Life will have you in hysterics and then sobbing, in complete succession. 

Season 1 available on Netflix

Sex Education

Sex Education tells the story of Otis, an insecure and socially awkward 16-year-old boy whose mum (played by Gillian Anderson) is a sex therapist. Despite lacking somewhat in the bedroom department, he’s been given all the advice under the sun. And so, using his skills to his advantage, he teams up with high school bad girl, Maeve Wiley, to offer sex advice to the kids at his school. 

Season 1 available on Netflix

Summer Heights High

Chris Lilley’s mockumentary masterpiece, this side-splitting high school comedy will have you in stitches. Follow the trials and tribulations of gloriously camp, over-the-top drama teacher Mr. G, snobby private school exchange student Ja’mie, and break-dancing Tongan bad boy Jonah, as they take you on a journey of outrageous stereotypes and epic one liners. 

Available on Netflix


Judd Apatow’s quirky and brutally honest rom-com about the ups and downs of modern relationships. In Love, Gus and Mickey are thrown together in an unlikely coupling – Gus is a sweet, geeky guy who has just been cheated on by his long-term girlfriend, and Mickey is a self-destructive, recovering alcoholic/drug enthusiast, who seems to destroy everything and everyone around her. 

They’re in no way suited to each other, yet somehow, they are, and the series unfolds with a comical set of mishaps that in the end helps them figure out just what love is. Addictively infuriating, and hysterically amusing, Love will reaffirm any doubts you had about relationships, and leave you giddy. 

Season 1-3 available on Netflix

Arrested Development

Quite possibly the most dysfunctional family on the planet, the outrageous Bluth family sagas are guaranteed to have you crying with laughter. Faced with the risk of losing everything, the socialite family is pushed to the brink, but to the dismay of eldest son Michael Bluth, this is where they appear to be happiest. Expect razor-sharp one-liners and a surreal chaos.

Seasons 1-5 available on Netflix 

Back to Life

After spending 18 years in prison for committing a grave crime, thirtysomething Miri Matteson returns to her childhood and parent’s home in Hythe, Kent. Desperate to find a semblance of normality she attempts to rebuild her life, yet due to the gravity of her crime Miri is greeted only by hostility in her home town. 

But despite being treated like an outcast, Mimi’s eternal optimism is palpable yet ordinarily relatable – she shows that people, no matter what they’re faced with in life, can get knocked down and get back up again, no matter how bloodied, battered and bruised they are along the way. A humorously moving, thought-provoking dramedy that will have you crying and laughing in equal measure. 

Season 1 available on SBS On Demand


When 40-year-old single mum Liza tries to step back into the publishing industry, no one will hire her – until she gets the bright idea to pretend she’s 26. As a result, she bags herself a dream job at a top agency, an even dreamier tattoo artist boyfriend, and a bunch of millennial friends and colleagues who think she’s on the same wavelength. But keeping it a secret proves more difficult than she bargained for. 

Seasons 1-6 available on Stan


This utterly bonkers, offbeat British comedy kicks off with Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Andy Samberg, who plays Cuckoo, a moronic hippie who winds up in a small suburban English town with his new wife, Rachel and her entire family. But Rachel’s parents (Greg Davies and Helen Baxendale) are less than impressed to learn that their daughter has jacked in her university plans to play Cuckoo’s doting wife. 

Each hare-brained series quite literally has a mind of its own, with plenty of ludicrous plot twists and bold character changes – just wait for Taylor Lautner in season two – to keep you belly-laughing and begging for more. 

Seasons 1-5 available on Netflix 


Arguably one of the best TV shows of all time. We know you’ve watched them all already, but even now, 25 years down the line, it never tires to watch Ross get stuck in a pair of leather pants. 

Seasons 1-10 available on Stan

The Mighty Boosh

An oldie but a classic, this cult British comedy starring Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding, follows the surreal adventures of zoo-keepers Vince Noir and Howard Moon, along with fellow zoo pals Naboo, Bob Fossil and Bollo the talking ape. 

Seasons 1-3 available on Stan


One of the biggest, most successful and best TV shows ever made. Seinfeld gave way to a whole new landscape of TV watching. Famously coined “the show about nothing”, this quick-witted sitcom follows a stand-up comedian and his group of self-absorbed, eccentric single friends, who struggle – very comically – to deal with the quirks of every day New York City life. 

Season 1-9 available on Stan



The Sopranos

Centered around Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini), an Italian-American mobster from New Jersey, The Sopranos closely follows his life, family and criminal dealings, along with his unconventional relationship with his psychiatrist. Considered one of the best TV shows of all time, you will be hooked from season one.

Seasons 1-6 on Foxtel Now


The highest rated series ever on IMDb, Chernobyl is a harrowing and heart-stopping portrayal of one of worst man-made disasters in history — the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear explosion. 

Available on Foxtel

Black Mirror

Charlie Brooker’s sharp, satirical sci-fi anthology explores a twisted high-tech near-future where humanity's greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide. But in the most sinister, comedic and uncomfortable fashion. Catch the latest season (and all the others if you’re yet to watch) on Netflix now.  

Seasons 1-5 available on Netflix

Russian Doll 

When acerbic New Yorker Nadia dies (played by the brilliant Natasha Lyonnne), she’s forced to relive her 36th birthday party over and over again. She’s trapped in a surreal time loop where she dies at the end of each night. But each time she’s brought back to life, Nadia discovers more about that night and about her past, which could be the key to escaping her existential limbo. With plenty of twists and turns and a lot of sharp, cutting humour, this heartfelt comedy-drama is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Season 1 available on Netflix 

The Crown

This critically-acclaimed, lavish drama documents the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, decade-by-decade, exploring her public and private life, as well as the political rivalries which changed the shape of the monarchy, and simultaneously the second half of the 20th century. Claire Foy is magnificent in the first two seasons – as are the elaborate set designs and opulent costumes – but as season three looms (with the wonderful Olivia Coleman taking the helm as the Queen during her 1964 – 1977 reign) Crown fans are in for a royal treat. 

Season 1-3 available on Netflix

Killing Eve

A refreshing take on the classic cat and mouse storyline, Killing Eve follows charismatic assassin, Villanelle, who is anything but a typical killer. She’s playful, fashionable and impulsive, which makes her even more intriguing, both to the viewers and Eve Polastri, an MI6 investigator who becomes obsessed with hunting down the psychopathic killer. As the show develops, the pair fall into an entangled web, completely fixated with one another. The witty dialogue and subversive take on the typical hero/villain plot will have you bingeing right from the outset. 

Series 1 & 2 available on ABC iview


Brutally dark and sinister, Ozark’s white collar crime tale follows Marty Byrde, a Chicago financial planner who gets mixed up with one of Mexico’s biggest drug cartels. His life is turned upside down when he’s forced to launder millions of dollars for the Mexican gangsters, and so moves his entire family to Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, to set up the large-scale laundering operation. But things don’t run as smoothly as expected.

Seasons 1 & 2 available on  Netflix


Set in the shark-infested world of US corporate law, Suits is a swaggering, walk-and-talk drama about a New York law firm. Big deals and big bluffs come courtesy of Mike Ross – a genius-level university dropout with a photographic memory who lands a coveted associate job, despite having none of the legal credentials. 

Seasons 1-8 available on Netflix 


Documenting the gritty, real-life story of Colombia's notoriously violent and powerful drug cartels, this critically-acclaimed series follows the infamous Pablo Escobar as he battles against the Columbian government and relentless DEA officers in a drug-hungry battle that’s embroiled in politics, narcotics, power and money. 

Season 1 & 2 available on Netflix 

Game of Thrones

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last eight years, there’s no way you could have escaped the epic phenomenon that is Game of Thrones,arguable the best TV show of all time. But in case you have, get ready to give up your social lives. This is one of the most binge-worthy TV shows made to date. Dragons, deranged kings and queens, bloody battles and steamy love affairs – you name it, GOT has it covered, and more. Fantasy fiction at its finest, you’ll be taken on an emotional roller coaster from start to finish, with some of the most memorable characters in fiction history. 

Seasons 1-7 available on Foxtel

Mad Men

The epitome of coolness. Amid the gripping, cocktail-fuelled antics of Madison Avenue’s most debonair of advertising gurus, prepare to be hooked as a web of adulterous, dramatic misfortunes unfold. You’ll grow to love Peggy and find yourself loathing Pete, but Mad Men would be nothing without the magnetic, quick wit and wondrous wardrobe of Joan Holloway, and the charismatic, creative genius that is Don Draper. definitely one of our picks for best TV show!

Season 1-7 available to stream on Netflix 

Breaking Bad

The ultimate binge-fest, Breaking Bad is one of – if not the most – celebrated shows of all time, solidifying its place as one of the best TV shows. And possibly the most addictive. It follows Walter White, a high-school chemistry teacher, who after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, decides to put his science skills to extracurricular use – because every great business venture starts off with a crystal meth lab on wheels. And with a Breaking Bad movie on the horizon, there’s every reason to go in for round two. 

Seasons 1-5 available on Stan 

House of Cards

Based on the BBC’s 90s political drama, Kevin Spacey’s sneering adaptation of this British classic is nothing short of spectacular, and has become one of the best TV shows going around. The ruthless Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) together with his enigmatic, eco-activist wife Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) will stop at nothing to rise up through the ranks and achieve US presidency status. Devious, back-stabbing and utterly addictive, you’ll be hooked from the first episode.

Season 1-6 available on Netflix 

Peaky Blinders

Slick, smart and grotesquely violent, Peaky Blinders is a powerful drama about a depraved Birmingham gang in the 1920s. The spectacularly talented Cillian Murphy – who is rather easy on the eye – plays Thomas Shelby, the hypnotic Peaky Blinders’ gang leader, who uses any means necessary to build his criminal empire. But there’s a hint of innocence to the ruthless gangster that you’ll fall for the minute you start watching. 

Season 1-4 available on Netflix 


If you’re a Wolf of Wall Street fan, then Billions will be the best TV show for you. Featuring a stellar cast, this complex drama tells a story of power politics in the cut-throat world of New York finance. Award-winning actors Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis (Homeland) go head-to-head in a dangerous game of cat and mouse. In a battle of power and influence, there’s only space for one winner, and that winner will take it all.

Seasons 1-4 available on Stan 




Cheer is the globally popular docuseries that follows a season with Navarro College's competitive cheer team. Documenting the high and lows, on and off the mat, you will find yourself adopting 'cheer speak', learning the routines and obsessing over Jerry by the end of episode 2.

Season 1 on Netflix

the goop lab with Gwyneth Paltrow

Challenging the norms of wellness, Gwyneth and her goop team dive into experimental and controversial health treatments and practices by speaking with experts and testing them out for themselves. Expect psychedelics and vulvas aplenty. 

Season 1 on Netflix

David Bowie The Last 5 Years

Throughout his entire life David Bowie remained an enigma; he was the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll shape shifter, constantly evolving with a persona and attitude like no other. In this fascinating documentary, Frances Whately explores the last five years of David’s life, where the rock and roll legend ended nearly a decade of silence in the midst of cancer, to produce two trailblazing albums and a musical. The Last Five Years captures the ethereal sunset of a rock god and the remarkable end to his astonishing career. 

Available on ABC iView

The Chef Show 

This captivating cooking travelogue stars writer, director and food enthusiast Jon Favreau, alongside chef Roy Choi, who worked together on the movie Chef. The pair reunite to travel around the world celebrating different flavours and cultures, with a few notable chefs and celebrity friends who join them along the way, making it one of the best TV shows on Netflix. 

Season 1 available on Netflix 

Our Planet

From the creator of "Planet Earth," this mesmerising series narrated by the legendary Sir David Attenborough, takes viewers on an unprecedented journey through some of the world's most precious natural habitats, exploring the unique wonders of nature in all its glory. 

Available on Netflix 

Making a Murderer

The murder doco that started it all, Netflix's Making a Murderer is now a bona fide cult classic and one of the best TV shows to stream online. The 20-episode series tells the story of Steven Avery as he’s put through numerous trials, and sentences for the death of Penny Beerntsen. Over the course of three decades he is wrongfully convicted, exonerated and then charged again, with his nephew Brendan Dassey sent to jail as an accessory to the crime. Navigating this roller coaster through firsthand accounts, police recordings, and interviews with Steven, Brendan and the family, it’s hard to believe that this story is non-fiction.

Seasons 1 & 2 available on Netflix 


This Grammy award-winning documentary tells the story of music icon, Mr Quincy Jones  ̶  a record and film producer, instrumentalist, singer and 28-time Grammy award winner. Providing viewers with an intimate look inside his day-to-day life, Quincy also delves into the legend’s career defining moments, like his involvement in Michael Jackson’s Thriller and collaboration with Frank Sinatra. Essential viewing for any music fan, this is not only a documentary, but a homage to music history.

Available on Netflix 

The Staircase

Another gripping tale of violence, mystery and murder, The Staircase tells the real-life story of American novelist Michael Peterson and the murder of his wife Kathleen Peterson. Starting from Mr. Peterson’s indictment, the crew follow his defense attorneys and extended family throughout the court proceedings. Guaranteed to leave you wanting more, The Staircase is equal parts addictive and polarising.  Each episode will leave you in complete doubt, questioning what really happened on 9th December 2001.

Available on Netflix

Loving our edit of the best TV shows to binge online and looking for more at home inspo? Well, we have a whole list of things to keep you occupied while your housebound. From delicious recipes and home design ideas, to mindful meditation, there are plenty of different things to keep you inspired.


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