2019's Hottest Home Trends According to Pinterest

Photography - Pop & Scott

When it comes to trends – be it fashion, interiors, art or food – it's the industry experts who decide what's hot and what's not. We follow suit depending on what the trendsetters put in front of us. But the tables are slowly starting to turn. What was once in the hands of trend forecasters and major design houses, is now making its way over to the masses. Yes, you.

And so, to showcase the trends you've been searching for the most, Pinterest has pulled together some interesting trend reports, ‘Pinsights’ – a.k.a. data revealing the online behaviours and search terms from Pinners all over the world. 

So whether you're pinning that luxe velvet couch to your dream ‘Interiors Inspo’ board, or searching for the perfect artwork for your shiny new pad, read on to find out what’s hap-pin-ing in the world of interiors in 2019. 

Photography - The Bird and Her Song

1. Vertical gardens

If you’re looking for some floor-to-ceiling greenery in your life, a vertical garden is a great way to capitalise on a bare wall or empty space – especially for those homes without an actual garden. They’re great for elevating a room, adding a lush touch to even the smallest of abodes. If you’re wanting more bang for your botanical buck, opt for an edible vertical garden and grow herbs like basil and mint or if outside; lettuce or cherry tomatoes. 

Photograpy - Vanessa Prosser

2. Mustard yellow

We’ve seen this bright, warming hue grace designer runways in recent seasons, and now it's naturally making its way into the home – into fabrics, colours and embellishments. Also known as ‘Gen Z Yellow’, mustard has often been associated with autumnal styling, but we think this trans-seasonal colour can make a statement all-year-round.

If you’re after a more muted, subtle pop of colour, mustard yellow is great for pillows, throws and rugs, and can be a stylish addition to break up a white or neutral room. If you’re feeling bold, try out a feature wall; it holds huge transformative potential for any room. 

Photography - My Paradissi

3. Textile art

Move over framed paintings, 2019 is all about textile art – think handmade wall hangings with tactile features. Not only will these give your space extra dimension, it will instantly add a homely and welcoming ambience to any room.

The latest trends in fiber décor are rattan  and macramé, in line with a resurgence of all things Boho. These retro handicrafts are perfect for wall hangings, throws for your sofa, or even plant holders. Look out for other forms of textile art on the rise, from knitting, weaving and crocheting. Time to get your DIY on!

Photography -  Sean Fennessy

4. Geometric design

Shake up your walls by painting them with eye-catching geometric shapes, or dabble in the world of wallpaper which (in our opinion) is a whole lot easier. Also, the best part about wallpaper is that it’s removable, which means you can switch up and swap your design with the changing seasons.

The satisfying symmetry of geometric walls creates a super groovy aesthetic, reminiscent of vintage 70’s interiors. There are so many different ways to use these vibrant patterns on your walls – the possibilities are endless – so make sure to have fun with it. 

Photography - Oblica

5. Contemporary fireplaces

Ok, so we can’t call this one a trend per se (fireplaces of sorts were first used in the 12th century) – but these burning hearths have come a long way since then. Despite typically being used in winter, the fireplace has turned from a purely practical household feature to a contemporary and chic addition to the home.

Expect to see more tech-driven and energy-efficient fireplaces as well as those that are seamlessly integrated into the joinery and architecture of homes. Although the trend is heading towards more aesthetic fireplaces, we’ll never say no to actually  using them as well (S’mores for dessert anyone?).                               

Photography - Hither & Tither

6. Natural swimming pools

This one might just be our favourites of all the trends (albeit the hardest to implement). Natural swimming pools mean steering clear of the usual chlorine or salt filtration systems and choosing to enhance the natural environment with eco-friendly design.

Create a tropical oasis by landscaping around your pool – think big pots with tall grasses and overhanging palms and ferns. This home trend may not be possible for everyone, but if you’ve got a pool already, a few tweaks here and there and you’ll be on your way to a Pinterest-worthy pool in no time.  

Photography - Koziel

7. Pressed tin

Tin has been a mainstay in country homes for decades, but according to Pinterest, it could be about to blow up in the 2019 interiors space. Think of it as this year’s rose gold – the ‘it’ metallic of the moment.

Add pops of this affordable material with tin vases, flower pots, tiles or even wallpaper – it’s as rustic as it is charming. 

Photography - DecoMagz

8. Creative cacti

Circling back to our #1 trend of vertical gardens, it’s clear that indoor greenery is here to stay. If you’re really  lacking a green thumb and can’t bear the thought of looking after a houseplant (let alone a whole vertical plant wall), then cacti is the obvious choice..

Succulents and terrariums will continue to take the world by storm in 2019 with creative arrangements coming to the forefront. Because why stop at just one, when you can grab a bunch from your local nursery, and arrange them in all kinds of quirky and interesting ways?


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