Tidying Up with Marie Kondo: Organising Must-Haves for the Home

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From the kitchen junk drawer to the cluttered hallway table, the rate at which we acquire things, far out ways our ability to organise them. Blame it on the late-nights or the online shopping addiction, we still find any excuse to procrastinate over the littlest of tidying tasks.

For those that share the same anti-tidy sentiments, don't despair! We've pulled together five genius ways to inject some KonMari bliss into your home, accompanied by some of our favourite home organisation finds. 

From the best ways to organise and store your bits and bobs to the revolutionising KonMari folding method, this guide is guaranteed to get your home in tip-top shape quicker than you can ask: "does this candle spark joy?"

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1. Organise by size & function

When storing your items, it’s important to group things of a similar size and utility together. For example, with cleaning products under the sink, collect them together but then take it one step further by sorting them in size order. 

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To store smaller items, use small containers and boxes to store them together or custom-designed storage pieces. It makes it easier to keep track of them and, for this reason, you will use them more.

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2. Store items based on frequency of use

If it’s something that you use daily, store it somewhere that’s easy to access. Completely logical, but often something we forget in the midst of a mass clean up. 

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Make use of hard to reach storage spots by keeping seasonal items and things that you rarely need to use in there.

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3. Give sentimental items pride of place

Whether it’s family photos or childhood mementos, items that have special meaning should be stored accordingly. Like most people who pile up old trophies and awards in a dusty box in the garage, select your most personally valuable items to be displayed in a beautiful way. 

Corner Shelf, Fenton & Fenton

If you prefer to keep certain sentimental items out of sight, still store them in a beautiful folder or box to preserve them for years to come.

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Corner Shelf, Fenton & Fenton, $1,500.00

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4. Use clear boxes for storage

For storage in the attic, spare room or garage, all items should go into clear, labelled boxes. This way, you can see everything inside each box and can easily refer to the label to get a full idea of what is being stored in there. 


Instead of using bags and mismatched boxes, keeping it uniform will mean that you can easily store everything vertically and access it without having to rifle through and cause complete chaos. 

SAMLA Insert for Box, IKEA, $6.00

SAMLA Box, IKEA, from $1.99

5. The KonMari folding method

The famed KonMari folding method is  about two things: maximising space and making your clothes easily accessible. When it comes to folding, all your items should be folded down into the same size rectangle. This means everything from t-shirts and skirts, to undies and jeans. Unsure how this is achieved? Check out Marie’s easy to follow YouTube tutorial


Once folded, stack your clothes in your draws vertically, instead of horizontally. This way you can see everything in the draw, and when you pull out the item you need, you won’t mess up the rest of the clothes. To make your life even simpler, use draw dividers and smaller boxes to group similar items together.

KOMPLEMENT Box, IKEA, from $9.99


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